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Types of Acne and Their Severity

Acne Papule - Types of Acne

There are several types of acne and it can take several different forms depending on the severity of the affected area. Its important to define what type of acne you are suffering from

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Concealing Acne Will Improve Your Self Esteem

Concealing Acne with Makeup Concealer

It does no good to tell acne sufferers they should be less concerned about their appearance when intelligent use of concealer and effectively concealing acne can really boost their confidence and self esteem

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Learning Positive Ways of Coping With Acne

Acne - Coping Steps

Facing the reality and coping with acne isn’t easy. But by adopting a realistic attitude and understanding that we all have bad times, ensures you won’t feel singled out and will help you cope with your acne, until it passes and you emerge as the wonderful beautiful person you truly are.

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Acne Diagnosis Is it just spots & pimples or something more

Acne diagnosis graphic 120

The key to a correct acne diagnosis and the proper treatment of acne is knowing as much as possible about your own skin and your history of any acne outbreaks

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The Modern Women and Acne

Women and Acne

When it comes to women and acne the modern woman sometimes has a larger burden to bear. On average most girls will start to develop acne by about age 11, where boys won’t start until around age 13. The reason isn’t hard to find. Girls mature sooner and tend to start puberty a few months to a couple of years before boys.

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What Causes Acne. Is it dirt sebum hormones or what?

What Causes Acne

There’s very little anyone can do about what causes acne. Heredity factors, genetics and passing through puberty in your teenage years are just a normal part of growing up.

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Teenage Acne Is it just a teenage problem

Hiding your Teenage Acne

Okay, acne does affect proportionally more teenagers than those in other age groups. But the fact is teenage acne can affect anyone, of any race, at any age.

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Who Gets Acne & Why Does it Affect Some & Not Others?

Who gets acne - Do we all suffer

Hormones called androgens are thought to be the major cause of the increase in sebum production. Who gets acne is determined by how our hormone levels increase dramatically during our teenage years

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A Proper Acne Skin Care Routine

Proper Acne Skin Care

Your skin is your first defense against pathogens of all kinds. Removing layers of healthy skin does not promote good skin health and has little effect on acne.

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Acne Myths. Are They Fact or Fiction?

Common Acne Myths - Fact or Fiction

There are several common acne myths and certain beliefs about the causes of acne that simply don’t square with reputable scientific studies. The facts are usually indisputable but the fiction seems to hold sway.

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Acne Treatments. Over The Counter Medication

Treating your own acne is the most common way to deal with it and most acne outbreaks are mild enough that non-prescription acne treatment medications, will work fine.

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Acne Prescription Treatments are they your best option?

There are dozens of acne prescription treatments to help with severe acne. Some are topical, applied to the skins surface, others are taken as pills or injections

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What is Acne Exactly & How Does it Develop

View of An Acne Follicle - What is Acne?

Acne comes in a variety of familiar forms and affects nearly everyone at some stage in their life, particularly in their teenage years. But, what is it?

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