Boost Energy Levels Naturally

Feeling down? Then here’s how to boost energy levels and put a spring in your step. Energize yourself and you’ll feel better, sleep better and look ten years younger

Low Energy, No Fizz? Here’s How To Boost Energy Levels … Naturally

Simple dietary and lifestyle changes to get you bursting with energy, to put a spring in your step and boost energy levels with natural energizers.

Naturally Boost Energy Levels & Enjoy LifeBuild these natural energizers into your life every day. Make them a natural part of your daily routine.

Don’t think about them just do them. Visualise yourself juicing, walking, preparing salads, crunching apples and breathing, sweet fresh air.

Energize yourself and you’ll feel better, sleep better and look ten years younger.

Fill-up on lots of whole, unrefined fruits and vegetables.

Regardless of the hype and confusion, unrefined carbohydrates (no, not protein or fat) found in whole fruits and vegetables are our most efficient sources of energy. Raw fruits and vegetables are even better, they boost energy levels naturally.

  • green leafy veg, like broccoli, spinach, rocket and mixed salad leaves
  • salad stuff such as peppers, celery, raw carrots, radishes, tomatoes and avocados
  • legumes including lentils, kidney beans and soya
  • fresh fruits particularly apples, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and grapes
  • oily fish including salmon, mackerel, herring and sardines
  • nuts, especially walnuts
  • olive oil and walnut oil

Remember, today’s energy comes from the whole plant foods that you ate yesterday.

Drink homemade fruit and vegetable juices to boost energy levels.

The best nutrition comes from the juice in fruits and vegetables, not the fiber.

Natural Boost for Energy Levels
Yes, we need fiber and get it from all our other whole fruits and vegetables. However, juice separated from the pulp is a quick energy boost that fuels your system within fifteen minutes.

Normally, it takes 24 hours for fruits and vegetables to process into usable energy.

Exercise aerobically to boost energy levels

Pumping your heart and lungs for a minimum of 60 minutes a day. Exercise forces oxygen, a primary source of energy, into all your cells.

Moderate walking is an excellent and easy energizer.

Sleep Well … for up to 8.5 hours a night.

The importance of sleep cannot be overstated. Uninterrupted sleep is necessary for your body to heal, restore and re-energize.

Avoid processed and refined foods.

White sugar and white flour products are some of the foods that deplete energy.

They are commonly found in 99% of all breads, bagels, baked goodies, pastries, desserts, candy, condiments, snack foods, and packaged and even canned foods (read labels).

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Avoid foods with added oils, fat, and cholesterol.

Dietary fat and cholesterol from animal products and processed oils (yes, even olive oil) clog blood vessels, making the heart beat harder, zapping energy. Blood flow gets sluggish immediately after eating a meal loaded with fat and cholesterol.

You can tell that on yourself. How do you feel after you’ve eaten a big meal centered on meat and/or dairy products? In a word, tired.

Eliminate artificial depressants and stimulants. At least for a while.

Drink plenty of fluids to boost energy levels, preferably mineral water or herbal teas. Eat little and often, be a grazer not a gorger and try to cut back on your overall carb intake. Low-glycaemic eating boosts energy levels by minimising blood glucose swings. Avoid foods that drain your energy levels and drag you down when blood glucose levels plummet.

  • fatty, sugary snacks such as doughnuts and pastries
  • fatty, salty snacks such as crisps and pork pies
  • cakes, biscuits and confectionery
  • alcohol – stick to a maximum of one glass of red wine per day

Coffee is a drug-like stimulant. It offers a quick pick-me-up, which is followed by the inevitable low. With regular use coffee exhausts your adrenal glands, which are critical for sustained energy. Coffee also makes your bladder, kidneys, liver and other organs work harder, draining energy levels.

Natural Boost for Energy Levels

Breathe fresh air … everyday

Don’t smoke … Smoking robs your body of oxygen. Less oxygen means less energy.

No energy means no life and makes you crave those short sugar highs that are followed by depressing lows.

Do not smoke, it’s not good for you.

Do you have to incorporate all these energy boosters into your life?

Of course you do. Life is for living and energy gives you life. Boost your energy levels and live life to the full.

Energy can be compared with the fuel in your car. The fuel makes your car run efficiently. Energy makes you run efficiently. If your car runs out of fuel it stops. If you run out of energy you stop.

So rev-up your engine and keep it purring. Boost your energy levels and live life to the full … Breathe … Smell the Earth, Taste Life.

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