Breast Health Tips from Breast Self Examination to Breast Feeding

Ensuring Good Breast health begins in puberty but maintaining healthy breasts is really for every stage of your life.

Breast Health Tips and Overall Breast Health

Breast Health Tips for good breast health
Breast health is becoming increasingly important as more and more women develop breast cancer each year. It starts at puberty but breast health tips are really for every stage of your life.

Luckily there are some good breast health tips you can follow to ensure that your breasts remain as healthy as possible throughout your lifetime.

Some of these tips can help to catch breast cancer in its early stages so that it can be treated quickly, or may even help to prevent breast cancer all together.

Breast Self Examination. Check Your Breasts.

Regular breast self examination is a must do …

Breast Health Tips
One of the most useful breast health tips is to carry out a breast self examination at least once each month.

This is a fairly easy process that can be done by yourself or a partner in the comfort of your home.

Follow these simple steps to complete a breast exam of your own. Find the time to do this once a month and improve your lymph system

Almost any gentle massage technique will be of benefit to your breasts and you don’t have to be an expert to do this.

  • Observe your breasts in the mirror as you stand with your hands at your side. Look for any bumps or variations in their normal shape.
  • While standing place one hand behind your head, and begin to feel firmly around the breast with your fingertips. You can do this in a circular motion, an up and down motions, or a wedge motion, but you need to remember to do it the same way each month.
  • Squeeze the nipples of each breast. If you notice any discharge and you are not breast feeding, report it to your doctor right away.
  • Lie down and place a pillow behind your right shoulder. Extend your right arm behind your head, and use your left hand to check the entire breast and arm pit area. Then reposition the pillow and do the same thing for the other side.
  • Report any abnormalities that you may encounter during your exam to your doctor right away.

Why You Should Massage Your Breasts …

Modern life means our bodies endure all manner of unnatural processes from the food we eat, to the clothes we wear and the environment we live in.

It’s believed that our breasts can store a lot of these nasties within their fatty tissue and because your breasts are largely constrained within a bra for many hours a day, your body has no way of flushing out these nasty toxins.

It is known that healthy breasts can end-up storing quite high levels of chemicals from your environment. For Example, studies of human breast milk have shown a quite alarming tendency for traces of household cleaning products to be present. There may even be a very real connection with the onset of breast disease from these toxins.

The purpose of a healthy breast massage is to help flush out these toxins through your lymphatic system and to help bring fresh beneficial nutrients to your breast tissue.

Healthy Breast Tips #3 – Correct Breast Feeding
Breast Feeding Tips
Proper breast feeding techniques not only make the whole process more enjoyable, but it can lower your risk of developing breast cancer as well. These useful breast health tips will help you understand how to correctly breast feed.

  • To eliminate enlargement of the breasts, breast feed more frequently and be sure to pump your breast milk if you ever miss a feeding.
  • Be sure to properly position the baby while breast feeding. Whether you choose the cradle, football, or side lying position, ensure that the baby is in the proper place.
  • Apply lanolin oil to your breasts after each feeding. This will help to prevent your breasts from cracking and drying out.
  • Feed every 1 and a half to 2 hours in the first few months after your baby is born, to keep your breasts from becoming engorged, and to discourage blocked milk ducts from forming.
Healthy Breast Tips #4 – Breast Health during Menopause

Keep your estrogen and progesterone levels normal.

Incidence of Breast Cancer Graph
During menopause you have a lot to worry about. To make matters worse, your chance of developing breast cancer greatly increases during these years.

However, there are several breast health tips that you can follow to help reduce your risk of developing breast cancer.

  • Arrange to have an annual mammogram screening.
  • Perform a breast self examine at least once per month
  • Implement a gentle daily exercise routine and avoid weight gain
  • Avoid drinking excess alcohol and keep your consumption within the recommended guidelines
  • Be sure to get your daily dose of folic acid and Vitamin ‘D’

Remember, It is important to take steps to keep your breasts healthy and cancer free no matter what age you are. The breast health tips above are just a few of the ways that you can keep your breasts healthy through all the different stages in your life