Cellulite Skin. What is it & How Do You Treat It?

What is cellulite skin? Every woman knows what cellulite looks like, because it’s so easily recognizable but what causes cellulite and how can you treat it?

Cellulite skin is like the skin of an orange or worse, cottage cheese.

It has a unique pattern and it generally appears on one of three parts of your body – your hips, your buttocks or your abdomen.

Cellulite skin is many things. It’s unsightly and it can be embarrassing, but cellulite skin is also controllable. Maybe not preventable but as long you have a willingness to implement dietary and lifestyle changes you can lose cellulite skin.

Cellulite is far more prevalent in women than in men.

It varies in intensity from mild to extreme and, contrary to popular belief it’s not a medical condition at all.

It’s simply the term used to describe the visible effect on the epidermis as excess fat deposits are stored just below the skins surface.Cellulite Skin Structure and fat stores

What Causes Cellulite Skin …

Cellulite doesn’t generally become an issue until the years preceding puberty.

That’s when a young girls hormone levels surge and those hormones begin sending messages to various parts of the body signaling the need to begin changing. One of these changes involves the formation of a layer of fat within the innermost layer of skin called the subcutaneous fat layer.

During the manufacture of this fat layer, a patterned structure within this layer is created, the purpose of which is to contain stored fat. It is this pattern, or framework for fat storage, shaped somewhat like the letter ‘X’ that creates the dimpling effect when too much fat is stored and the fat deposits begin to bulge.

The pattern that’s created in a man’s body is different. It’s shaped more like a column so even when there’s excess fat being stored it’s usually not visible in the same way.

Normal levels of fat stored in this innermost layer of the subcutaneous won’t create the external dimpling because there’s enough space for all the fat deposits. So really, every woman has the tendency to develop some degree of cellulite when fat begins to accumulate.

How to Treat Cellulite Skin

Orang Peel Cellulite Skin

Clothing can cover the appearance of cellulite, but most women don’t want to wear long pants all the time.

Alternatively, You could spend hundreds of dollars trying hundreds of cellulite skin treatment products and not get anywhere close to the same results you’ll get simply by treating cellulite naturally.

And; that’s not treating it with some herb or balm, but with a good natural diet and some exercise.

The only way cellulite skin will be less noticeable is by shrinking the size of the fat cells stored in the subcutaneous layer so they no longer bulge.

And contrary to what the marketers of those hundreds of cellulite treatment creams, lotions, wraps, pills and other procedures will tell you, a sensible diet that’s heavy in fruits, vegetables, whole grains & protein and low in sodium and saturated fat will put you on the right road to lose cellulite.

Simply; Combine moderate regular exercise with your nutritious diet and focus on exercises that target the areas where cellulite appears. Exercises like walking or biking.

In a few months (or longer, depending on the severity of the cellulite) your embarrassing skin problem will be well under control.

Massage is also an effective treatment for cellulite skin.

Massage can help reduce cellulite skin because the massaging motion helps break down the fatty deposits.

Regular massage treats the tissues which aid in the elimination of fluids and toxins in your body. They also help with circulation, which is essential in reducing cellulite.

Other good results from regular massage is improved metabolic activity, increased blood flow, increased energy and a stronger immune system.

All of these beneficial effects can help you lose that cellulite skin. – Just Read Our … Healthy Massage and Sensual Massage Oils sections.