Detox Day Seven (7) of the 7 Day Detox – The Final Day

7 Day Detox Day Seven – Your final day just remember to eat carefully for the next few days to maximize the benefits of your detox cleanse

Detox Day Seven of the 7 day detox cleanse … did you make it?

Detox Day 7Your final day of detox cleanse. After today remember to eat plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables, adding in plenty of the best nuts and seeds when you can.

Try to maximize the health benefits of your 7 day detox program for longer lasting effects and be sure to follow the detox program once or twice each year.

Detox Day Seven – Breakfast
Half a grapefruit, an apple or a bunch of grapes. An egg; scrambled, poached or boiled.

Detox Day Seven – Mid-Morning Snack
A glass of freshly pressed vegetable juice.

Detox Day Seven – Lunch

A salad with left-over brown rice and some raisins, sultanas, nuts, pine kernels, sweetcorn, green peas, chopped red & green peppers, chopped spring onions and other fresh, raw vegetables; sprinkle with plenty of chopped mixed herbs and a little salad dressing with fresh chopped garlic. Follow with a banana.

Detox Day Seven – Mid-Afternoon Snack
A glass of fruit juice or a cup of weak tea.

Detox Day Seven – Main Meal

A whole avocado peeled and sliced thinly; add plenty of watercress, celeriac or celery, grated raw beetroot and a small dollop of cottage cheese, quark or ricotta. Follow this with a piece of your favourite fruit.

Have You Completed Your 7 day Detox Cleanse?

If you’ve managed to stick with your detox for the full seven days, well done.

You should now feel, healthier, refreshed and more energetic. Try to make the 7 Day Detox a regular part of your health and wellness regime by following the program at least once or twice a year.

Stay away from that pre-packaged, processed pap, for as long as you possibly can. And remember; smoking and alcohol will kill you, no matter how glossy the advertising is.

Click the links below for the first & second, the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and the seventh days of the detox program. Try not to skip any days or pick and choose the meals. Stick with the program to get the maximum benefit from it.

Detox Days One and Two

Introduction… It’s Detox, Not Starvation. The 7 Day Detox plan helps clear out the toxic wastes that can accumulate over years of eating a diet high in refined and junk foods.

Detox Day Three

The Third day and over the fasting period. Now you can eat some good wholesome food.

Detox Day Four

The fourth day of your detox program. Halfway through and getting into the swing of things.

Detox Day Five

The fifth day in your seven day detox program. Just over half way there and well on the way to a cleaner, healthier body.

Detox Day Six

Your Penultimate day of detox. Hang in there and complete the full seven day program for maximum benefits.

Detox Day Seven

Your final day of detox. Just remember to eat carefully for the next few days to maximize the benefits of the detox.

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