Beauty Glossary J – Jasmine to Jojoba and Juniper

Health and Beauty Glossary Terms and Meanings beginning with J, from jasmine to jojoba and juniper

Beauty Glossary Terms from Jasmine to Juniper

Jasmine … Used for its wonderful sweet aroma in perfumery.

Jasmine Oil … An essential oil extracted from plants and used in perfumes.

  • Jasmine Oil is a warming and smoothing oil used to revitalize and stimulate the skin.
  • It is used in perfumes because of its wonderful aroma.

Jamaican Dogwood … Jamaican Dogwood is a powerful sedative, and is used primarily as a pain remedy.

  • It helps in cases of neuralgia and migraine and in the relief of ovarian and uterine pain.
  • Also used to treat insomnia to reduce nervous tension or pain.
  • Its actions include: nervine, anodyne, and anti-spasmodic.

Jojoba … Jojoba oil aids in the treatment of dry skin, wrinkles and stretch marks. It acts as a tonic, emollient and moisturizer.

Jujube Fruit … Tests carried out in Russia indicate Jujube Fruit has a very high vitamin C content.

  • The fruit has been used medicinally for millennia by many cultures. One of its most popular uses is as a tea for sore throat.
  • Jujube, in the form of pastes, tablets and syrups is also used as a remedy for throat ailments.

Juniper Berries … The bitter action of Juniper Berries aids digestion and eases flatulent colic. Externally, they ease pain in the joints or muscles.

  • Juniper berries contain a volatile oil, terpinen-4, that acts as a kidney irritant to stimulate increased kidney filtration and output. For this reason Juniper is commonly utilized as a diuretic to treat conditions involving the kidneys and bladder, to increase urine output, and for relief from symptoms of gout and kidney stones.
  • Actions include: diuretic, anti-microbial, carminative, and anti-rheumatic.
  • CAUTION: Due to its action on the kidneys, Juniper Berries should be avoided in any kidney disease. It should also be avoided in pregnancy.

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