Beauty Glossary P – Panthenol to Psoriasis

Beauty Glossary (P) featuring health & beauty glossary terms and meanings from Palette to Panthenol and Petrolatum to Psoriasis

This beauty glossary section covers beauty terms like Panthenol, Pore, Paraffin and Psoriasis

PABA Natural SupplementPABA – Para-aminobenzoic acid … Found in the vitamin B complex. Used as an ingredient in some sunscreen products.

Palette … A grouping of colors by family of tones or specific function.

Panthenol … Also known as vitamin B5, acts as a penetrating moisturizer.

Paraffin … A beeswax substitute derived from petroleum.

Petrolatum … Used in creams, it softens and soothes skin. Forms a film to prevent moisture loss.

pH … Percentage of hydrogen. Used to measure acidity in cosmetic preparations

Sun Damaged SkinPhoto-aging … Skin damage caused by excessive exposure to UV rays from sun exposure.

Photo-sensitivity … A condition in which the application or ingestion of certain chemicals or foods can cause skin problems, such as rash, hyperpigmentation and swelling, when the skin is exposed to sunlight.

Phytocosmetic … Cosmetics which are made from plants.

Pore … Small opening of the sweat glands of the skin.

Psoriasis Skin ConditionPsoriasis … A chronic disease of the skin consisting of itchy, dry, red patches, usually affecting the scalp or arms and legs. It may be treated with OTC or prescription medications.

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