Beauty Glossary Y – Yeast to Yoga and Yucca

Beauty Glossary (Y) Health and Beauty terms and meanings beginning with Y, from Yeast Extract to Yoga and Yucca

Beauty terms from Yeast to Yucca

Vegemite Yeast Extract LogoYeast Extract … Derived from yeast this extract is an excellent humectant (draws moisture from the air and helps the retention of moisture).

  • Yeast extract may also aid in reducing hyperpigmentation by blocking melanin biosynthesis.

Yellow Dock … Yellow Dock is commonly used to treat psoriasis. It makes a valuable remedy for constipation, promotes the flow of bile and may act as a blood cleanser .

  • Yellow Dock is Alterative, laxative, hepatic, cholagogue and a tonic.

Ylang Ylang FlowerYlang-Ylang Oil … Extracted from the flowers of the plant, ylang ylang oil is used for its cleansing and refining properties. .

  • It also helps clear congestion and smoothes the skin
  • The Ylang ylang is a tropical tree native to Asia. The flower of the tree produces the essential oil. The oil is used extensively in perfume making and in aromatherapy.
  • Ylang Ylang can irritate sensitive skin. Do not use on inflammed skin or dermatitis. Ylang Ylang has a strong aroma and can cause headaches.

Life is YogaYOGA … The most commonly practiced yoga technique in Europe is Hatha yoga, which unites body, mind and soul using prescribed movements, controlled breathing and mental training.

  • Yoga Provides a long-term increase in physical flexibility and resilience. It also leaves you feeling calm and is very effective in relieving stress.

Yohimbe Bark … Herb derived from an African Tree. It has been considered an effective aphrodisiac used to heighten and stimulate sexual desire and performance.

  • Yohimbe aids in the dilation of blood vessels and helps lower blood pressure.
  • Yohimbe may also reduce depression and anxiety and aid in weight loss by suppressing the body’s ability to store fat.

Ytterbium … Enhances cell growth and extends cellular life. Has been shown to double the life span of laboratory animals.

  • Ytterbium is an ionic plant source mineral.

Yttrium … Enhances cell growth, and extends their life. Has been shown to double the life span of laboratory animals. It is an ionic plant source mineral.

Close-Up of Yucca Plant LeafYucca … The Yucca root is rich in steroid-like saponins that elevate the body’s production of cortisone, possibly explaining the herbs reported ability to aid in managing arthritic pains.

Yucca Root

  • Yucca root is a therapeutic anti inflammatory phytosterol with the ability to break up inorganic mineral obstructions and deposits.
  • Its primary uses are in pain relieving combinations for arthritic and joint pain, and sediment caused by inflammation such as gout, rheumatism, and cystitis.
  • It is also used to establish a flora balance in the GI tract and for asthmatic relief. Yucca root may also have a laxative effect