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Short Hairstyles. Cut Close, Crop, Bob or Layer

Confident women choose short hairstyles

Women with short hairstyles are often regarded as more confident, outgoing and fun than those with longer locks. Good short hairstyles should emphasize your best attributes, such as your eye and hair colors, skin tones, body and your face shape

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Caring for African American Hair. Black Ethnic Hair Care

African American Hair Care

Caring for African American Hair can be difficult. Black hair needs special care and pampering to make sure it looks its best.

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Hair Types. What type of hair do you have?

Healthy Hair & Your Hair Type

Defining hair types is relatively simple. The type of hair you have is determined by your hairs natural conditioner. That’s the amount of sebum your body produces

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Your Hair Texture. Curly Fine or Straight

Your Hair Structure is visible in the hair shaft

Define Your Hair Texture. Do you have curly hair, fine hair or straight hair? Your hair texture is controlled by the size and shape of the follicle, its an age and race thing

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Your Hair and Healthy Hair Care

Red Headed Girl Laughing

Do you have healthy hair? How should you treat your hair and how do you achieve natural shine and condition in your rich glossy crowning glory.

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What Can Your Natural Hair Color Tell You?


Your natural hair color darkens with age, but at some stage in our lives the natural hair color formation slows down and silvery grey hairs start to appear. If you are a natural blonde, a redhead or a brunette there are certain styles that suit you better

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Your Natural Hair Cut. Cutting Your Hair to Suit You

Natural hair cut

Your hair growth varies across the entire area of your scalp, which is why your natural hair cut can appear out of shape quite soon after your visit to the hair salon. Knowing your hair and the styles that suit you will help ensure you have your hair cut in the best way

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Your Hair Shampoo & Shampooing Your Hair Properly

Your hair shampoo

Always, always, always use a hair shampoo that has been formulated for your hair type, either dry, greasy, normal or chemically treated. And before shampooing your hair brush your hair to free any tangles and loosen dirt and dead skin cells

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