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What Are Headaches? Migraine Tension & Cluster Headaches

Waht are headaches and headache pains

Despite how common they are, headaches really are a little mysterious. Unlike say diabetes, it isn’t known exactly what produces that particular headache pain or exactly what are headaches

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Headache Types – The Migraine Tension & Cluster Headache

Headache Types and headache pains

Different headache types, either migraine, cluster or tension are distinguished by the quality of the headache pain and whether it is sharp, dull, constant, intermittent or pounding

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What Causes Headaches?

What causes headaches and headache pain

Well there are hundreds of possible causes for headaches but what are the most common causes. Obviously what causes headaches varies with the type of headache you have

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Migraine Headache Causes & Migraine Headache Pain

Migraine Headache Causes and contributing factors

While migraine headache causes are still the subject of ongoing research, the fact that there are two types of migraine makes diagnosis difficult and a little mysterious

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Pregnancy and Headaches – Are You at Risk

Pregnancy and Headaches best try to avoid them

Female hormones change rapidly during pregnancy and headaches are a common occurrence during this time. What can the pregnant woman do about them

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Migraine Treatment & Coping with Migraine Pain

Migraine Treatment - Maxalt

Using Triptans for Migraine Treatment, while no miracle cure, triptans are among the most effective class of drugs available for treating that intense throbbing migraine pain that can strike any time

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Cluster Headaches – The Causes and Treatment

Headache Types - cluster headcahe pain

They are the least common of the primary headaches but are by far the most painful. So, what are the causes and potential treatments of cluster headaches

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Sinus Headache Symptoms and Sinusitis

Sinus Headache Symptoms and Headache Pain

Sinusitis and sinus headache symptoms can sometimes be symptoms of migraines and its important to note that its possible to confuse migraines with sinus headaches

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Headache Treatment – Are Acetaminophen or Aspirin all there is?

Naprosyn headache treatment

Headaches will not usually represent a serious illness & a simple headache treatment should suffice, but even if headaches do not have a serious medical cause they can still be painful and disrupt your daily activities

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Headache Sufferers – Are you in the at risk category?

Headache sufferers and headache pain

While the exact causes of headaches is still the subject of ongoing research, many studies point to some likely culprits. However, this varies with the type of headache either tension, cluster or migraine.

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