Headache Advice and Help

If you suffer with headaches and need help and headache advice on what headaches are and what you can do to minimise their effects, Read On, this is help for headache sufferers …

Despite how common they are headaches are really a little mysterious

Most sufferers need headache advice for Tension, Migraine or Cluster headaches.

But, unlike say diabetes, it isn’t known exactly what produces that particular headache pain or exactly what headaches are. In many cases simple eye-strain, or the result of working too long at the computer can produce a headache.

Tension, Migraine or Cluster …

Learn About Headaches …

There are literally hundreds of possible causes for headaches.

Some are the result of medical problems such as brain tumors or cerebral aneurysms. But mostly what causes headaches are the common everyday things we take for granted.

Our headache advice will help you understand the causes and hopefully, ease the pain.

Use our headache advice & help to make sure you understand the headache type you are dealing with and whether it as a Tension, Migraine or Cluster headache.

An important feature that helps distinguish different headache types is the quality of the pain

Whether the headache pain you experience is sharp, dull, constant, intermittent, or pounding all depends on the headache type.

There are many medications marketed for headache pain and pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars each year to advertise their products.

However, many special headache remedies are no better than simple acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or aspirin. Simple, stress reduction and rest can be just as valid headache advice.

Although headaches are very common, they can still be a sign of a serious illness and warrant immediate medical attention. Always go to an emergency department if your headache pain gets worse or you experience changes in your vision or if light hurts your eyes.