Build Your Healthy Body Beautiful

Your body is a beautiful miraculous machine, a marvel of evolution. All you have to do is eat the correct food and your healthy body will last you a lifetime

Building your healthy body beautiful is easier than you might think.

It just needs you to have a positive self image and to look after yourself properly. Eat well but eat from the correct food groups
True Natural Beauty in a truly healthy body

Beautiful Healthy Body , Your Body Is beee u tee full

Good body health helps build your beautiful healthy body. Your body is a miraculous machine, a marvel of evolution designed to help you navigate our world.

At birth your body is an engine, a cell building and reproductive machine, but as you age, your body, your machine, runs down. Parts wear out and other parts like teeth and eyes fail, and depending on how well you’ve looked after your marvellous machine, you’ll likely look your age, younger or older.

At times, when we humans should be revelling in the wonder of our healthy bodies, we often stress about our body image, we discover diets or peer pressure or a million other imaginary stresses, that really should not matter to us.

At times worry about your weight and poor body image becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The thinner we try to be, the fatter we become. If our goal is weight control, then we won’t build a beautiful healthy body if we have a negative body image.

Build Your Healthy Body Beautiful …

Drink Water. Eat Essential Fats. Eat Protein Rich Foods
A Healthy Body - A Natural Sensual Body
1. Use a wobble board to improve your balance and strengthen the muscles around your joints. You’ll leave them supple and healthy and you’ll feel younger.

2. Never blame your genes. Your genetic make-up may predispose you to certain conditions, but your lifestyle and diet can minimise your chance of those genes switching on.

3. Laugh more, laughing helps your immune system, burns calories, exercises your lungs and releases pent-up emotions and tension.

4. Go to bed early. The two hours before midnight are the most beneficial in preventing ageing. This is the time when your adrenal glands recover.

5. Eat lettuce at night. It contains a natural sedative, called lactucarium, which can help promote a deeper sleep.

6. Rub essential oils of Basil or Rosemary diluted in almond oil, into your scalp. This will increase circulation to your scalp, clear your mind and improve your concentration.

7. Eat spicy foods. They produce endorphins, which lift your mood. Turmeric, in particular, is highly anti-carcinogenic and good for your healthy body.

8. Learn how to meditate. Followers of the art believe that, when you reach a total stillness within yourself, then linear time stops. So, they profess that meditation can actually slow down the aging process.

9. If you can’t or don’t want to meditate, then just spend 20 minutes each day sitting quietly, emptying your head of all thoughts, worries and concerns and focusing on your healthy body.

10. Think young, Act & dress younger. Tell yourself that you are younger and you’ll begin to look and feel younger.

11. Learn your own personal method to handle stress. It can be as simple as thinking of a little rhyme, singing a song to yourself or carrying out a simple procedure, but learn how to dissipate that stressful feeling. The stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline are your healthy bodies ‘fight or flight’ reaction to stressful situations. A build up of them can cause anything from heart attacks to stomach ulcers.

12. Get mercury fillings replaced. If you have fillings in your teeth, make sure they’re not mercury. If they are, get them replaced. Mercury can trigger memory loss and symptoms that mimic senile dementia.

Building your beautiful healthy body is easier than you might think. It just needs you to have a positive self image and to look after yourself.

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