Healthy Recipes and Great Food for Natural Health

An index of healthy recipes and great food tips and advice included in the true-beauty-tips website. From great vegetables soups to fantastic drinks and smoothies

A collection of our favourite foods and healthy recipes

Recipes that include powerful superfoods with health benefits. Foods that are packed with the nutrients you need most. Healthy recipes that contain ingredients that are vital in reducing weight, supporting sexual function, fighting various cancers and reducing heart disease

We know our friends often fail to lose weight simply because they don’t snack on wholesome, healthy, low-calorie foods throughout the day. Preferring junk food that’s full of sugar.

We see kids go straight to the sweetest treats and know it can be a challenge to produce healthy treats they’ll love.

Healthy Recipes & Great Food …

for Natural Health …

So, our healthy recipes are tasty, easy to prepare and wholesome.

Try our Carrot and Coconut Soup recipe, our Homemade flapjack recipe or our delicious apple and millet porridge recipe and you’ll be surprised at just how easy and tasty they are.