Your Lymphatic System and Heart Health

Your Lymphatic System is important in helping keep your heart healthy. One way valves and drainage channels use lymph glands to help your heart clear your body of toxins.

Your Lymphatic System & Lymph Glands

Your Lymph System is Important to Your Health

Your lymphatic system is a completely closed and separate system to your hearts arteries and veins, but it is an integral part of your whole circulation system.

The fluid that runs through its arterial-type system with one-way valves to prevent backflow, is called lymph.

The lymph system’s purpose is to carry away toxins from your arteries and veins.

Your lymphatic system is actually part of your immune system, filtering potentially harmful substances and detoxifying them.

Lymph passes through lymph glands, which are large collecting areas that trap circulating bacteria and viruses and prevent them from running riot throughout your body.

Your lymph glands contain and form lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell. These T-lymphocytes are involved in attacking invading organisms.

Lymph glands are found all over your body

You have lymph glands under your arms, in your groin, and under your jawbone in particular.

This explains the swollen glands we experience when we have a bacterial infection – it’s your body’s immune system dealing with it.

Your lymphatic system vessels are like small veins that join together to form larger vessels.

  • The largest vessel is the thoracic duct which starts in your small intestine & drains into your left subclavian vein.
  • On your right side is your lymphatic duct which drains into the right subclavian vein.

It’s important that your heart is pumping properly to allow your system to move and process the waste products dumped into your veins by your lymph system.

One way valves control the flow but any disruption can cause deposits and clogs that won’t do your entire cardiovascular system any good at all.

How To Improve Your Heart Health?

Keep your heart healthy by ensuring your lymphatic system is in peak condition, and you will benefit from increased energy levels and the ability to live a full and active life. Ignore the lymph and the health of your heart will pay a heavy price.

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