MakeUp Tips & Advice 5 Common MakeUp Mistakes

Here are 5 common makeup tips to correct mistakes and teach you how to get great looking eyes, lips, and skin to keep you looking beautiful.

Tips & Advice on Five Common MakeUp Mistakes

Simple or secret we love to share makeup tips with our readers.

Every woman has their own personal makeup tips and individual style that reflects their personality.

Some are full glamour queens who wear makeup even to the gym while others only use a concealer on a night out.

Makeup is a great way to enhance your true beauty;

And; some good make up tips and advice will ensure you add just a touch of color in the right places to really add warmth to your skin and help you look your best.

Regardless of how you enjoy wearing your cosmetics, there a few essential guidelines you need to follow to ensure you won’t scare people when they look at you.

MAKE-UP MISTAKE 1.) You wear very dark eyeliner in the daytime

Black and other very dark colored eyeliners are made to be dramatic. They are smoky and sensual, attracting people because they notice your eyes.

Dark Eye MakeUp tipsThat’s why many women do not want to let it go.

Although the effect of dark eyeliner can be very striking, it is just like an evening gown and should only be for the evening hours.

In the dim light of a nightclub, you look mysterious and exotic. In the bright fluorescent lights of a supermarket you look like you haven’t slept in a week.

Instead of wearing out your dark eyeliner by using it every day, save it for the evening and use something less harsh for daytime hours. Try using shades that enhance your eye color.
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  • Hazel and green eyes look beautiful in plums and purples
  • Blue eyes sparkle with bronzes and chocolates.
  • Deep brown eyes get an extra kick with rich jewel tones like emerald green and navy blue.
[/lists] If colored liner isn’t your thing, try softening your look with a deep gray or brown shade. When you have a softer daytime look, your deep dark eye look will be an extra special treat at night.

MAKEUP TIPS 2.) You wear lots of bright blush

Blush can be a wonderful product to instantly add warmth to your skin. When you are having a “blah” day, a touch of color on your cheeks can awaken your complexion.

Pink Blush Makeup tipsBut, some women enjoy the effect so much that they pile it on. They believe if a little looks good, then more must look even better. This is a surefire way to go from a blushing beauty to a circus clown.

It can be helpful to remember that blush is supposed to mimic the natural flush of your cheeks.

Have you ever seen your face after you walk into a warm place after being out in the cold? Ever notice the color on your cheeks after a good workout? This is your natural blush color.

You can test it yourself by giving your cheeks a little pinch and seeing what color develops. Try to stick to colors that look like your natural flush and apply it lightly.

Your cheeks should look like they are glowing and healthly.

MAKEUP TIPS 3.) Your eyelashes look clumpy and spidery

Long, dark eyelashes make a beautiful frame for your eyes and many women spend lots of money trying to find the perfect product to enhance their eyelashes.

Mascara can amplify your own natural lashes to make them look longer and thicker with very little effort.

A product that is applied well will give you fuller and darker lashes that still look natural.

When you apply too much mascara, especially over another coat that has already dried, your lashes begin clumping together. This is very difficult to fix and can make your eyelashes resemble spider legs.

The best way to avoid this look is to apply mascara correctly from the beginning.
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  • Use a formula that matches your natural eyelash type and try not to use anything too thick or dry.
  • When you apply your mascara, wiggle the comb at the base of your lashes to deposit most of the product near the root. This will help keep the ends of your lashes from grabbing too much mascara and sticking together.

MAKEUP TIPS 4.) You can see a demarcation line where your foundation ends

Foundation is a great way to even out your complexion and cover up imperfections.

Bad Foundation Makeup TipsFormulas that match your skin color and skin type can be traceless and other people will not be able to tell that you are wearing makeup at all.

Although foundations are made to mimic your natural skin tone, even the best foundations in the world will not look right on you if the color doesn’t match your skin.

If you apply your makeup and you can see a line on your jaw where the product ends and your bare skin begins, the color you are using is wrong for your skin tone.

Instead of looking flawless, you can end up looking too dark, too washed out or even sick.

Take the time to match your skin tone correctly. Cosmetic counters are a great tool to use if you need assistance. You can ask for help or play around with testers yourself.

Buying a foundation that flatters your skin is one of the best make up tips and advice to help you look your best.

MAKEUP TIPS 5.) Your lip liner is much darker than your lip color

Lip liner, used correctly, enhances the shape of your mouth and keeps your lip products from smearing during the day.

Dark Lip Liner Makeup TipsChoosing a color for your lip liner can be confusing. Some women like to wear dark lip liner to boldly emphasize the shape of their lips. This was very popular in the 90’s but can look very dated now.

Wearing dark lip liner can make your lips look smaller too.

Lip liner looks best when it compliments your lip color.

Try to stay within one to two shades deeper than the color of your lipstick or lip gloss.

Choosing the right color lip liner can make your lips look fuller and enhance the visual effect of your favorite lip product.

[hero heading=”Makeup should always make you feel confident and beautiful” tagline=”Use a makeup style that compliments but still lets you look like yourself, only better.”]We want to see you not your makeup. So, next time you’re applying your makeup remember the above make up tips and advice and avoid those five common beauty mistakes.

Keep your look subtle to ensure you always put your best face forward.

Simple or secret, we’d love to know all your beauty and make up tips. To share them with us and help out other readers, why not join us on Google Plus.[/hero]

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