Natural Beauty Tips and Beauty Remedies

You should never need to rush straight out to the local pharmacy when there are natural beauty tips and simple remedies you can take advantage of.

Chemical Free Natural Beauty Tips & Solutions

A few natural beauty tips, remedies and homeopathic solutions to prevent and cure everyday health and beauty problems.

In today’s polluted world natural beauty is something we all have to work at.

Part of that work involves dealing with everyday problems that prevent us feeling naturally beautiful. Those problems can range from simple blemishes, to chronic pain and general discomfort brought on as a legacy from injury and disease.

So, although our natural beauty tips are a little wide of your normal beauty tips, they are still valid aids in helping you achieve that natural healthy look.

Most girls today may settle for the over made up, false everything look but if you want a more natural, healthy, full of life look then you have to adjust your thinking slightly.

Use the natural beauty tips below or ask us and other readers for help and advice in our Make Up Tips and Advice section.

For pain see our 10 Natural Pain Relief Remedies in Your Kitchen section.

Pycnogenol - Natural Beauty TipsPainful Periods?

Pycnogenol has been shown to be very useful for painful periods. It is a natural plant extract from the bark of the maritime pine tree which grows exclusively along the coast of southwest France in Les Landes de Gascogne. Just 30-50mg per day is all that is needed; and it doesn’t seem to take too long before it starts to work.

Some women have felt relief in time for their first period, just three weeks after beginning to take it. Reach for natural beauty remedies for natural problems.

The Female Spine - Natural Beauty TipsBack Pain or Back Problems?

Many people with back problems do not like the idea of a being pulled around or crunched by a chiropractor. If you’re a back pain sufferer, why not try a McTimoney chiropractor instead? McTimoney Chiropractors use a very gentle form of chiropractics (no pushing, pulling or crunching), which is surprisingly effective.

Alternatively, Bowen Therapy is a natural beauty remedy that may help. Bowen is another very gentle type of manipulation producing excellent results.

Chocolate for Health - Natural Beauty TipsEffects of Chocolate and Red Wine.

Are the chemical reactions of chocolate and red wine beneficial to your body? Enjoyable as they are, both chocolate and red wine contain chemicals which affect the blood flow to your brain and also cause inflammation.

Your body can react to the proteins in chocolate and red wine and this reaction can cause pain. Chocolate contains an amphetamine-like chemical called PEA (phenylethylamine); could this by why it is so addictive?

And the natural flavanoids from the seeds and skins of grapes from which wine is made contain sulphites, which can contribute to migraines.

Lemon Juice - Natural Beauty TipsWant to get rid of warts?

One of our favorite beauty remedies is lemon oil. A few drops of lemon oil twice a day directly on the wart will soon see it reduce in size. For maximum effect, take Thuja homeopathic remedy of 6c twice daily, letting the tablet dissolve on the tongue. This is best taken away from food, drink and toothpaste (20 minutes either side) for it to work properly.

Use until wart disappears. (Note: If you are lactose intolerant, most off the shelf homeopathic remedies do contain lactose. A homeopath should be able to supply a non-lactose pill as an alternative.)

Bee Propolis - Natural Beauty TipsSuffer from cold sores?

There’s nothing more upsetting than a cold sore developing when you’re about to go somewhere special. Use this natural beauty tip at the first tingling feeling, try a tincture of Propolis directly onto the affected area. Propolis is a resinous mixture that honey bees collect from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources.

If the cold sore has already set in, the amino acid L-lysine could help. Take one 500mg capsule six times daily and 1,000mg of Vitamin C twice daily until the cold sore disappears.

Grapefruit Seed Extract - Natural Beauty TipsNaturally Sterilise Your Chopping Board?

Our chopping boards are some of our most germ laden kitchen equipment. Use this natural product to sterilise your chopping board?

Grapefruit Seed Extract, one of natures most effective natural anti-bacterials, will help to keep your work surface free of any unwanted nasties. This will ensure your healthy food remains as good for you as you expect it to be. One of our simplest natural beauty tips.

Colloidal Silver - Natural Beauty TipsSuffer from Mouth ulcers or Gum Infections

If you have mouth ulcers or gum infections, you could find Colloidal Silver worth trying. Give your mouth a rinse with one teaspoon of Colloidal Silver twice per day to reduce inflammation and bacterial levels.

Colloidal Silver, a solution in which microscopic electrically charged particles of Silver are in suspension, is known to kill 650 different kinds of pathogens, such as bacteria, fungus, viruses, streptococcus and many others, by inhibiting the enzyme which allows oxygen metabolism. And it does so in minutes, safely, with no side effect.

NOTE : Some homemade Colloidal Silver solutions have been known to affect skin color. Always ensure you use properly tested and certified products.

Stress Headaches - Natural Beauty TipsDo you Suffer from headaches? …

Are you one of the long suffering people cursed by frequent headaches? There can of course be many contributing factors involved, but sometimes frequent headaches can be caused by allergens.

Try avoiding foodstuffs such as alcohol and other known triggers like dairy products (particularly cheese) and wheat. Willow Bark can be a useful pain reliever and Feverfew can help some people when used as a preventative and taken on a regular basis.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Natural Beauty TipsSuffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome …

Vitamin B6 (50-100mg per day) can be very useful in relieving the painful condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome. Blood tests have shown that some people with carpal tunnel are deficient in this vitamin

Carpal tunnel syndrome, or CTS, is a condition in the wrist caused by the compression of the median nerve. This compression can make parts of the hand numb, tingle or painful. CTS is a very common problem. Correcting any Vitamin B6 deficiency could alleviate or at least minimise your problems.

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