10 Natural Pain Relief Remedies in Your Kitchen

Herbs, spices and fruits that you can find easily and take every day. Natural pain relief remedies from honey, blueberries, cloves and more …

10 of the Best Natural Pain Relief Remedies in Your Home

Whenever we’re in pain it seems that our first instinct is to reach for the painkillers. However, you really don’t need to do that.

Ordinary everyday foods can provide natural pain relief and can also be used as pain preventatives, when you incorporate them into your daily diet.

Each of the ten fruits, herbs, spices and other foods listed below can be found in most kitchens and can help with a wide range of pain symptoms in a variety of ways. They will also help you learn how to relieve pain naturally.

They will aid you in understanding that continuously pumping chemicals and man-made drugs into your body will damage it, and help you realise why you are much better off looking for healthy, natural alternatives.

So, here are ten best foods that act as natural pain relief remedies for different types of pain:

Boost from Ginger - Natural Pain Relief

1.) Ginger – for versatile natural pain relief.

Research has discovered that ginger contains gingerols, which are compounds that inhibit the production of pain-triggering hormones and fight inflammation. This makes ginger very effective at easing joint aches and pains, which is particularly helpful for people with arthritis, and also for soothing sore muscles.

There are many forms of ginger that you can take; these include the fresh root, capsules, powder, and even ginger-extract injections for osteoarthritis patients.

Ginger has also been found to decrease nausea and vomiting, it helps ease the pain of migraine headaches, sore throats and menstrual cramps, it can help lower high blood pressure, decrease the risk of heart disease, inhibit diarrhoea, lower cholesterol, and warm your body to help improve circulation.

Apples - Natural Pain Relief

2.) Organic Apple Cider Vinegar – The tasty natural pain remedy

Apples are well known as an excellent source of nutrients, including pectin, fibre, vitamins and minerals. For a long time, people have used apple cider vinegar to cure many ailments and it is still a popular remedy for heart burn, acid reflux, arthritis, gout, allergies, weight loss, acne, flu, sinus infections, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

For arthritis, apple cider vinegar can help to reduce the build up of uric acid, promote cell and tissue growth and relieve arthritic pain.

Some people take Apple Cider Vinegar as an aid to weight loss because it has been found to break down abdominal fats. Many people have also claimed that it has helped with their acid reflux, where other conventional drugs have not.

Apple cider vinegar can be taken daily, diluted with water, as a general health and wellness tonic and you can find lots of tasty recipes for it on the internet.

Cloves - Natural Pain Relief

3.) Cloves – The not so widely known natural pain relief remedy

Cloves can help ease aching teeth and gum inflammation. This is because they contain eugenol, an active compound that is a natural and effective anaesthetic. The combination of eugenol and other components also make cloves a good antibacterial agent.

For toothache, chew on a whole clove or mix a couple of drops of clove oil with ¼ teaspoon of olive oil and apply it to the affected teeth and gum area.

Clove-spice also contains significant amounts of eugenol, and this has made it the subject of numerous health studies, including studies on the prevention of toxicity from environmental pollutants like carbon tetrachloride, digestive tract cancers, and joint inflammation.

Clove essential oil is antibacterial, antifungal, and antihistamine. It can help eliminate gas and indigestion, clear mucous from your lungs, and can help expel intestinal parastites.

Cherries - Natural Pain Relief

4.) Cherries – One of the most versatile natural pain relief remedies

Black cherries have shown remarkable healing powers and are packed with antioxidants. They have been shown to be ten times more effective at reducing pain inflammation compared to aspirin.

Their antioxidant properties target free radicals, the toxins that harm your healthy cells, which in turn improves your defences against cancers, strokes and heart disease.

Cherries also have anti-inflammatory properties, which are great for relieving arthritis, gout and headaches, and can also speed up the healing of injured joints and tissues. Pure black cherry juice taken twice a day is a most effective tonic, and the wonderful taste is an added bonus.

Peppermint - Natural Pain Relief

5.) Peppermint – the cooling pain relief remedy.

Peppermint can be found in many different forms, such as oils, teas, capsules, leaves, tinctures and creams.

Peppermint contains vitamins A and C, potassium, iron, manganese, omega-3, folate and other minerals. Extract of peppermint has been found to have antimicrobial properties which can prevent bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

Peppermint also has a high menthol content, which creates a cooling effect that can help with skin irritations and headaches. It relaxes the muscles and blood vessels, and can also be used as an analgesic. It can be particularly beneficial for people suffering with rheumatism, toothache, period pains, and muscle aches. It has also been helpful in treating irritable bowel syndrome, stomach upsets and nausea, and in aiding digestion.

Turmeric - Natural Pain Relief

6.) Turmeric – natural pain relief from the east.

Turmeric is a popular Indian spice and has been shown to be more effective in relieving pain than ibuprofen and aspirin.

It can relieve chronic pain for many conditions such as, arthritis, gout, muscular pain, headaches, heartburn and inflammation. This is because it contains curcumin, a naturally active ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties, which shuts down pain-producing enzymes.

Research has also found that curcumin may help to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, caused by contact with pesticides. Turmeric can be used in vegetable, meat and rice dishes to give them a spicy flavour.

In India, Turmeric is also used as a beauty aid to keep the face smooth, radiant, and free of wrinkles and blemishes. Women make facial mask at home by simply using sesame oil, garbanzo (chickpeas) flour, turmeric and water.

Oil Rich Mackerel - Natural Pain Relief

7.) Oily Fish – tuna, mackerel, herring and other fish can provide natural pain relief.

Oily fish contains omega-3 oils which are great for combating inflammation and joint pain. These include tuna, sardines, salmon, trout, herring and mackerel.

People with rheumatoid arthritis or joint pains found that an increased amount of omega-3 in their diet led to reduced pain in their joint after only a few months.

Fish oil is also important for brain function, body growth and development, and can help to prevent lupus, heart disease, depression and psoriasis. If you aren’t keen on the taste of fish, fish oil supplements are available as an alternative.

Blueberries - Natural Pain Relief

8.) Blueberries – natural pain relief from little pods of goodness.

Blueberries contain loads of antioxidants, including vitamins A, C and E, zinc, iron, copper, fibre, and many more. These antioxidants neutralise free radicals, helping to prevent cancer and age related diseases, and they help boost your immune system.

Blueberries can reduce your risk of developing a urinary tract infection because they contain compounds that inhibit the bacteria from growing and becoming an infection. In addition, they can protect the eyes from glaucoma and cataracts, treat varicose veins, hypoglycemia and peptic ulcers.

Blueberries also help improve cognitive brain function, reverse short-term memory loss, help with cardiovascular disease and reduce the build-up of LDL cholesterol. Increase your intake of blueberries by eating them daily in the form of fresh fruit or juiced fruits ans smoothies.

Garlic - Natural Pain Relief

9.) Garlic – the one natural pain relief remedy we should all use every single day.

Garlic oil is known to be very effective for the relief of earaches due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It contains active natural ingredients that are toxic to many different types of bacteria and has been said to fight ear infections more quickly than prescription antibiotics.

Garlic oil is made by infusing garlic into olive oil and can be made at home quickly and easily. It is used as an ear drop and it is recommended that you place two drops into the aching ear, twice a day. Warming the mixture first can help to soothe the ear further. The compounds are absorbed, reducing inflammation and fighting infection in the surrounding area. Some people also rub the oil around the ear itself for extra relief.

Garlic cloves or extracts can be used for cold sores. When placed onto the cold sore, the antiviral properties can speed up the healing.

Due to its powerful antibiotic properties, garlic can also be used for reducing congestion, promoting heart health, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, treating athlete’s foot and yeast infections, increasing insulin levels, removing warts, soothing bronchitis and may even help in preventing cancer.

Honey - Natural Pain Relief

10.) Honey – the sweetest natural pain relief remedy.

Honey and lemon juice is a well known mixture for people with sore throats, but few of us truly understand the healing ability of honey.

When eaten pure honey has antibacterial properties that not only soothe the throat, but it can also kill certain types of bacteria that may be causing your sore throats.

Manuka honey is particularly effective because of its extra active ingredients, which give it extra antibacterial properties.

Honey can be used to treat wounds, leg ulcers and burns. Its antiseptic properties can help your immune system defend against infection and protect the wound from further infection whilst helping to reduce the inflammation. Using honey as a barrier between the wound and the dressing can stop the dressing sticking and it provides a moist environment, allowing the wound to heal more quickly. Again, manuka honey may be the more favourable option.

Honey can also help to boost your immune system, ease digestive problems and treat cold sores, and it is a great tasting food in its own right. It tastes great on its own or simply add it to some hot water for a warming drink. Why not try a daily honey sandwich or have it on your morning toast instead of butter or marmalade?

So, there you have them. The 10 best natural pain relief remedies that you can find easily and take every day as immune system boosters, preventatives or to treat specific pains or infections.

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