Positive Body Image. Build a Healthy Body

Your Body Is You and you need a healthy body. Build your own positive body image and avoid falling into the peer pressure trap …

So, how positive is your body image? Do you love yourself?

Do you feel pretty good about your body or hate it because everyone around you hates theirs?

Ignore the peer pressure and build yourself a positive body image. Love yourself

A Positive Body Image is Good for You

Actually, I felt pretty good about my body until sixth grade. But then everyone else hated theirs, so I thought I should too … (21 year old girl with bulimia).

The modern drive to be thin and efforts to lose weight have become pervasive and the incidence of overweight and obese westerners has more than doubled.

When adjusted for changing standards, the number of Americans and Britons considered to be overweight has risen from somewhere around 14% in the 1960s to over 50% today.

Clearly weight loss or even weight control as a goal has failed.

People become more and more frustrated trying to control something they simply can’t control. Our bodies are genetically programmed to suit our biological makeup and our gene pattern.

Yes… we can starve ourselves or force ourselves to subsist on insufficient calories for a limited period, but eventually, our bodies needs will re-assert themselves and we will consume the calories we require.

Your Healthy Body Needs Clean Fuel in its Furnace

Drink Water. Eat Essential Fats. Eat Protein Rich Foods

Give your body what it needs to generate energy. Whatever it needs to boost your metabolism and allow you to work and use that energy. Positive energy promotes a positive body image.

Crash dieting will not give you a Positive Body ImageConsume food your healthy body can convert to energy and won’t turn to fat.

1. Eat lots of prunes, raisins, blackberries, figs, apricots, apples, carrots and green vegetables. They absorb free radicals which are responsible for most of the signs of ageing .

2. Drink water… Babies bodies are 75 percent water but by the age of 65 most people are only 55 percent water. Drink water, it keeps your skin hydrated and improves cell function.

3. Tap water and almost all bottled waters contain chemicals and minerals. Drink 99.9% pure water by getting ‘Reverse Osmosis De-ionised’ water, (RODI), from your supermarket, or get a unit plumbed in and have it always on tap.

4. Drink Green Tea. It has powerful antioxidant properties and neutralizes excess free radicals.

5. Green tea and Black tea have excellent antioxidant properties. Don’t have milk in your tea, the milk neutralizes the antioxidants.

6. Consume ‘vitamin C’ rich foods or supplements. It’s great for building collagen in your healthy body. However, your body can’t store it, so you’re better taking small doses throughout the day, preferably as food, than one big dose.

The best of us have a positive body image7. Take antioxidant supplements. Some supplements, ‘ACTIVE-H’ for one, have as much antioxidant as 10,000 glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice.

8. To extend cell life and regenerate your skin, take Carnosine daily. It occurs naturally in your body and can also be found in red meat and chicken.

9. Use Echinacea to boost your immune system and maintain a healthy body. Take it on a two weeks on, one week off basis for the best results.

10. Increase your oxygen intake and promote easier digestion by breathing deeply through your nose. This will use your lungs to their fullest capacity.

11. Place your hands on your lower abdomen as you breathe in and out and watch them raise and lower. This re-alkalizes your system, expands your lower lungs and re-energizes your body.

12. The ability to take a really deep lung-filling breathe declines with age. Stop the decline by exercising regularly and singing as often as you can. Sing in the shower, it does your healthy body good.

Protect and Guide Your Children….

Help Your Children build a Positive Body Image. Guide them and teach them.

Poor body image, eating, fitness, and weight problems are extremely difficult to reverse once they get established. We still have a lot to learn, but we know enough about cultural factors, that give rise to these problems, and should be able to prevent many of the problems before they start.

Teach your children, from an early age, to recognize and resist unhealthy pressures, to evaluate and ignore adverse peer pressure, to maintain body integrity, and to make competent choices that will enhance their positive body image, their health and their own opinion of themselves.

The need for a healthy body and to maintain a positive body image, if installed at a young age, will positively support your childs self-esteem and build their self-confidence from within.

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