Stress Advice. Help at Home or in Your Workplace

If you feel stressed and need some help understanding what stress is and what you can do to minimise its effects, read on. This is the place for stress advice.

Common sense stress advice for coping with stressful situations.

The adverse effects of stress on your health can lead to all sorts of problems, both physical and mental.

Some of these can be minor irritations and others can lead to serious health issues. Our stress advice section covers stressful situations at home and at work.

How to relax and beat stress …

Physical and Mental Stress …

Virtually any major event can cause stress … losing a job, ending a close relationship, moving home, discovering a health problem.

Stress advice knows our modern world has no shortage of possible causes of stress, and takes a close look at them.

It offers advice on how to relax and beat stress, whether the stress is caused by emotional problems like divorce or problems in your workplace, or physical problems like moving home, or dealing with a pet.