Teenage Acne Is it just a teenage problem

[blockquote]Okay teenage acne does affect proportionally more teenagers than those in other age groups; but the fact is it can affect anyone at any age …[/blockquote]

So, Teenage Acne is it a problem just for teenagers?

Hiding your Teenage AcneEven though acne does affect proportionally more teenagers than those in other age groups preventing and dealing with acne requires much the same treatment for anyone.

Knowledge is your first and best weapon in dealing with acne.

In order to best treat acne, it’s essential to know what type of acne you are suffering with.

A professional diagnosis can help immensely when you remember to record careful notes about your condition and let the professional know when it started, the type of blemishes and any treatments you have already tried.

All these items are essential aids in establishing a correct acne diagnosis.

Acne Rosacea can be curedKnowledge also helps avoid many of the downsides associated with an outbreak of acne. There are numerous myths surrounding the causes and treatments of acne.

For instance, there are good reasons to avoid excess chocolate consumption and drinking too many soft drinks, but preventing acne is not one of them.

Neither is using excessive exposure to the suns UV rays to build a good suntan, going to get rid of it.

Knowledge helps reduce the guilt and depression.

Teenage Acne affects nearly everyone at some time in life, some more severely than others.

Good skin care is extremely helpful for a variety of reasons, but has little to do with whether you will develop the condition. Still, it can play a role in improving overall skin health and improve your mental outlook, which will help combat the condition.

Knowledge of acne will help both men and women deal with the condition more effectively, as it affects males and females differently.

Acne tends to occur earlier in pre-teen to teenage females, but more severely in males once they contract it. In later life the situation is altered.

Men and women need different approaches to acne treatment.

Acne Rosacea improvements
[lists style=”check” color=”#ed25e6″]

  • Makeup, shaving and other gender specific practices play a major role in dealing with acne outbreaks.
  • The two sexes also react to medications differently, in part because of hormonal variations between us.
[/lists] In some instances, simple mild cleansing and time is enough to treat acne. In other cases, more stringent efforts are required.
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  • Over the counter medications can be equally effective for both sexes, as can prescription drugs.
  • Light treatments and lasers, although sometimes more expensive, can be used to treat acne in nearly everyone.
[/lists] Even effective prescription treatments, though, don’t totally eliminate the possibility of acne scarring.

Dealing with that opens up a whole new range of treatment options to explore. Dermabrasion, laser re-surfacing and other techniques have helped millions safely.

[hero heading=”So teenage acne is not just a teenagers problem” tagline=”And the first step towards a cure may require nothing more than a little research.”]However, no matter your age, gender or circumstances, modern acne treatments have advanced to the stage were the odds are very good for a total acne cure, just as the photos above demonstrate.[/hero]

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