True Beauty has no Face

True beauty has no face.

by A. Scott M. (Pasadena, CA)

What looks attractive is seldom beautiful, but what is beautiful is always attractive.

The experience of getting to know someone, that is truly beautiful. For Beauty is the reflection your soul gives and who you are as a human being.

Beautiful Seascape - true Beauty has no Face
  • To the wise, wisdom can be gleaned anywhere. To the foolish, wisdom is of no use.
  • To those who admire beauty, there is beauty all around.
  • To those who believe in determinism, freewill is more elusive than leprechauns.
  • To the religious, God is omnipresent. To the atheist, god is nonexistent.
  • To the philosopher, everything is to be considered.
  • To the common man, life is to short to waste on worthless things.

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True Beauty is Truth

by: Anonymous

Speak of the mind and give voice to the soul. Roll foul lies across a tongue and feel beauty wither like trees in dead ground. Beauty, true beauty, is truth.

To hear to feel and know truth is to know beauty. The beauty of a child’s smile, honest and without deception. The beauty of honest laughter, spontaneous and involuntary and uncontrollable. The beauty of a warm greeting, a wide smile, a look, an honest word from a true friend.

True beauty needs no face.

Beauty of a Soul

by: Fr. Matthias J. Scheeben (1835-1888)

Whoever wishes to imagine the beauty of a soul having grace must have seen the infinite beauty of God, that beauty which the Angels long to see, that beauty which contains all created beauty in itself, that beauty which is the pattern, the measure, and the unattainable ideal of all that man considers splendid, of all the beauty that God can create.

If God then considers the beauty and loveliness of your soul with such delight, ought not you, Christian soul, gladly conform your judgment to that of the highest and infallible Judge of art, even though that beauty be invisible to you?

Do you dare to esteem any other beauty, compare it, or even prefer it to this?

Soul of Beauty

by: Carl

Jungian analyst Ronald Schrenk (Soul of Beauty) believes beauty is a reflection of the soul.

A beautiful garden or a blazing sunset is an expression of the soul of nature and we as humans connect with nature by perceiving its beauty.

I like this idea, especially when you transfer it to people. True beauty is when your outward appearance matches your soul. Everyone has the potential to be beautiful at any age.

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