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Just as nature intended, everything we need to keep us healthy and looking naturally beautiful is all around us.

In the modern world, especially the western world, we seem to have forgotten the basic essentials of living a healthy and enjoyable life.

We’ve forgotten that you don’t really need $100 dollar face creams, or other material things to look good.

You just have to eat what nature intended, stay active and leave your body to take care of itself. It really isn’t that hard to become a Natural True Beauty.

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Knowledge is the key to Good Health – Women and Weight Loss

It’s a fact, Women are biologically different from men. These differences mean diet, exercise and health should be approached in different ways.

Natural weight loss using foods that burn fat
Women for example, have a higher percentage of body fat than men, 27% for women compared to 15% for men. Knowing there is a purely natural difference can be helpful if your weight loss goal is mainly through fat reduction.

Women also experience hormonal changes as they age. Even young women can experience irregular menstrual cycles and go through other physiological changes.

For instance; Women POW’s in WW2 frequently stopped having regular menstrual cycles due to a lack of nutrients and the effects of starvation; and highly trained female athletes often experience similar menstrual changes because of their ultra-low body fat.

Women can also suffer ill effects due to PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome), although these can be minimised by stabilising blood sugar levels. Mood swings too can be smoothed out to a degree by eating higher amounts of soluble fiber, which will help slow any rise in blood sugar. Apples, oats and beans are good sources.

Combining fatty foods with protein and carbohydrates in a balanced way can also help slow any rise in blood sugar, that is caused by high carbohydrate consumption.

As can eating larger quantities of fresh fruit and vegetables, particularly bananas and walnuts

Women are also more prone to arthritis, fibromyalgia and similar conditions

Certain previously unsuspected food allergies can worsen symptoms resulting from these conditions. So substitute rice beverages for cows milk, and eat wheat-free breads. Test for peanut allergies or intolerances and avoid them if need be.

Women who suffer from rheumatic symptoms may find they are allergic to wheat. A gluten-free diet will help lessen any symptoms.

Healthy Heart Diet -Do it for you
During the menopause, as menstrual cycles become less regular and significant hormonal changes occur, dietary changes can help lessen the severity of any discomfort.

  • Lower your sodium intake. Substitute herbs, garlic or lemon juice for flavoring.
  • Reduce saturated fats. Since estrogen levels will decline, HDL cholesterol (the beneficial type) will fall and LDL cholesterol (the harmful kind) will rise.

Men may in general have a higher heart attack risk, but during menopause a woman’s risk is roughly equal to a man’s. Reducing saturated and trans fat will help minimise that risk.

Moderate red wine consumption can be beneficial.

Good Red wine can provide antioxidants and other helpful compounds. It is generally lower in calories than many alternative alcohols. Lowering caffeine can help reduce any calcium loss, which is needed more as a women ages.

What constitutes a proper balanced diet can vary depending on age and gender, work out what is right for you in your particular circumstances. And always remember … Knowledge is the key to Good Health.

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