What Is My Skin Type. The Skin Type Test

What is my skin type? Take the skin type test and develop a good understanding of your skin type. It will help you decide on your best skincare regime

Get to Know & Focus on your correct skin type.

Knowing what your skin type is means you can focus on skincare that is beneficial for your skin.

So, if you’re wondering, “What is my skin type?” then take the skin type test and make sure you develop a good understanding of the type of skin you have.

The skin type test will help you develop and define the best natural skincare regime for you.

Your Skin - What is My Skin TypeThere’s no point in spending money on expensive skin-care products if they are not suitable for your particular skin type.

If you don’t know what skin type you are, how can you be sure you’re using the right products.

The key to developing a natural skin-care regime that works for your skin is to analyze your skin type first.

The Skin Type Test helps answer the question… What is my skin type?

We don’t want to make the skin type test too complicated, so no fancy presentation. Just six quick questions, so grab a pen and paper and write down whether you choose A, B, C, D or E for each answer.

1) How does your skin feel when you cleanse it with facial wash and water?

  • A – Tight, it feels too small for your face
  • B – Smooth and Comfortable
  • C – Dry and itchy in places
  • D – Fine, quite comfortable
  • E – Dry in some areas & smooth in others

3) How does your skin usually look by midday?

  • A – Flaky patches appearing
  • B – Fresh and clean
  • C – Flaky patches and some redness
  • D – Shiney
  • E – Shiney in the T-zone

5) How does your skin react when you use a facial toner?

  • A – It stings
  • B – No problems
  • C – It stings and itches
  • D – It feels fresher
  • E – Fresher in places but stings in parts
2) How does your skin feel when you cleanse it with a cream cleanser?

  • A – Relatively comfortable
  • B – Smooth and comfortable
  • C – Part comfortable, Part itchy
  • D – Quite Oily
  • E – Oily in places. Smooth in places

4) How often does your skin breakout in spots?

  • A – Hardly ever
  • B – Occasionally, around period time
  • C – Occasionally
  • D – Often
  • E – Often, in the T-zone

6) How does your skin react to using a rich night cream?

  • A – It feels very comfortable
  • B – Comfortable
  • C – Feels comfortable, but can irritate
  • D – Makes your skin feel very oily
  • E – Oily in the T-zone and okay on cheeks.

And; that’s the skin type test.

Now add up how many A, B, C’s, D’s or E’s you chose to find out … What is my skin type?

You know best how your skin feels …

So, check your skin type before you buy expensive skin-care products.

Before you buy skincare products always ask yourself, What is my skin type?, and you’ll save yourself a lot of money, time and effort. You’ll also save your skin from unsuitable concoctions and skincare problems.