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See Beauty In all Things

See Beauty In All Things

Confucius Says, Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. Make sure you see the beauty in all the things around you for human beings are fundamentally good, and teachable, improvable, and perfectible

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5 Common Sense Tips to Help Cure Shopping Addiction

Shopping Addiction - Young woman with shopping bags

How You Can Overcome & Cure Shopping Addiction. 5 Common sense tips to help cure shopping addiction and an overview of the devastating consequences it can have on shopaholics

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Natural Beauty Tips and Beauty Remedies

True Beauty Tips Blog - New content & the latest updates

Build a Healthier More Beautiful You. Use our natural beauty tips and simple homeopathic remedies to prevent and cure everyday beauty problems

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MakeUp Tips & Advice 5 Common MakeUp Mistakes

Pink Blush - makeup tips 2

Simple or secret we love to share make up tips with our readers. Here are 5 common makeup mistakes and how to get great looking eyes, lips, and skin.

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Sensual Massage Oils for Your Skin

Natural kissing couple

Our collection of sensual aromatherapy massage oils can really heighten your senses during a massage and can form a scent bond between you and your partner

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Dealing With PMS. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

PMS - Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome and dealing with PMS means dealing with the physical cause of lower back pain, abdominal cramps and tender breasts. How can you minimize the effects?

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Brown Eyes and a Warm Smile. What is True Beauty?

True beauty is a smile that reaches the eyes and let’s you know the person is really happy inside. I love brown eyes and a natural warm and beautiful smile

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Reducing Bags Under Eyes or Puffy Eyes

Puffy bags under eyes are a condition that haunts many of us as we age. It is a condition where your eyes begin to swell due to a number of different factors. The good news is that there are proven treatments that work wonders for puffy eyes

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Summer Flowers are Beautiful

Summer Flowers - Apple Blossom

Get connected with beautiful people and beautiful things. True beauty and good health are chemical-free zones, here’s what one reader thinks of true beauty Summer Flowers are Beautiful by Luuki (Poland) Summer Flowers After The Rain Raindrops on flowers. Summer and everything about summer is beautiful. The

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Old Friends Are My True Beauty

True Beauty Tips - Old friends are my true beauty

Old Friends are My True Beauty Mdm Jeanette Bontecou Limousin France True Friends in France Old friends are beautiful. Friends you have spent your whole life with, that have stayed true to each other and know each other better even than family. At 74yrs old I have

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The Best Beauty Secrets are No Secret

The Best Beauty Secrets from True Beauty Tips

The best beauty secrets you can incorporate in your daily life to help you be the most beautiful you can. From make-up to diet, exercise and motivation for success

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Too Become A Beautiful Woman – Audrey Hepburn

How to become a beautiful woman - Audrey Hepburn

Beautiful people and beautiful things. Here’s what one reader thinks of Audrey Hepburn’s view of true beauty and how you can become a beautiful woman

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True Beauty Tips As Nature Intended

Achieving true beauty is a natural process

You know that the most effective and simplest ways to create and maintain true beauty are at your fingertips. Here are 8 of the most natural true beauty tips around you.

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Build a Healthy Brain & Improve your Memory

Improve your mind by eating healthy brain food

Eat Healthy Brain Food. Improve your memory and intelligence by ensuring your brain recieves the nutrients it needs for optimum function

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Beautiful Faces & Pretty Eyes – Your Face and Your Eyes

Look after those beautiful faces they help you attract other faces

Your facial features are your non-verbal response. Your eyes are your stereoscopic bill board. Your lips your ears and your nose all sense your environment

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Ten Top Nail Tips – Makeup Tips and Techniques

Ten top nail tips for healthy nails - Makeup Tips & Techniques

True Beauty Makeup Tips, top nail tips to keep your beautiful nails in excellent condition. Beautifully polished nails look extremely attractive and help improve your overall appearance.

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