Detox Your Environment. Both Your Home and Workplace

In our modern world your environment doesn’t just mean the planet that we live on. It covers how and where we live, our home and our workplace too …

How’s your environment, do you live in a happy place?

Everything you do and everywhere you go forms a part of your environment.

Your Environment - Is Your Workplace WonderfulYour home and workplace environment are probably where you spend most of your time and they have the largest affect on your health and wellbeing. The greatest impact on how you feel about yourself.

Your home is where you can exercise most control and adapt your environment to suit your own style, moods and lifestyle and can be a wonderful place full of happy memories and prized possessions designed to make you feel happy and comfortable.

Your workplace environment, on the other hand, is a completely different story, unless you are your own boss and can suit yourself. Most of us work in an environment that imposes uncomfortable conditions and stress upon us. Most of us put up with cramped conditions, artificial lighting, unfriendly associates and overbearing superiors. Most of us would give up that daily trudge if we could.

PERSPECTIVE … How Do You View Your World?

Home… Workplace… Relations… Sex… Sleep… Stress…

Perspective, your perspective and how you view your environment makes a mountain of difference to how you feel.

Your environment - Does Your World Suit You
That old ‘Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty’ analogy is truer than you might think. Adopting a positive, can do, attitude in your everyday life is just as important as projecting a, ‘can do attitude’ in your workplace.

Having a positive outlook on life and looking for the good in people and things doesn’t mean you’re being a fool to yourself or opening yourself up to heartache.

Always looking on the down side will do nothing for your self-confidence or self-esteem.

So, read the following few tips and the other sections on sleep, de-stressing and detoxing to move towards improving your environment.

It’s Your Choice – Improve Your Environment.

Breathe… Smile… Sleep Well… De-Stress…

  • Try to spend one hour of everyday in daylight. Alternatively, use full spectrum light bulbs to improve your mood and reduce the winter blues.
  • Take a nice brisk walk in the sunshine whenever you can. Exercise and sunlight release endorphins, which are natural anti-depressants, and serotonin, the feel good hormone.
  • Use a thick protective cream when you’re working outdoors. Strong winds can cause thread veins, the real cause of that permanent, rosey cheeks, look.
  • Airline flights and computers subject the body to significant amounts of radiation. Take a Detox bath.
  • Fill a nice warm bath with 1lb each of sea salt and baking soda, to counteract the damaging effects.
  • Increase your exposure to oxygen. Ozone Therapy is a treatment that floods the body with oxygen and is said to de-activate viruses and stimulate your immune system.
  • Excessive exposure to sunlight triggers oxidative damage, which contributes to wrinkled skin and can cause age spots. Always use protection when exposed to the sun.
  • An air purifier installed in your home can rid it of toxins such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and benzene vapour, all of which can be more damaging to your body than outdoor pollution. Invest in one and reap the benefits
  • Increase the oxygen level in your environment and get rid of carbon dioxide from the air. Invest in some indoor plants, they’ll do both and look good too.
  • STOP SMOKING… each cigarette will take 15 minutes off your life, age your skin and rob you of vital nutrients… DON’T LIGHT UP.

Cleanse and Detoxify Your Environment… Rare Okinawan Tea

Rare Okinawan Tea - Improve your EnvironmentThe people of Okinawa Japan are known to be the leanest, healthiest people in the world. The island boasts the highest percentage of octigenarians anywhere on earth. Diabetes and heart disease are virtually unknown in Okinawa.

It burns Fat, cleanses your skin, detoxifies your body, is anti-carcinogenic, lowers blood pressure and is 100% Natural

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