Your Hair Texture. Curly Fine or Straight

[blockquote]The texture of your hair is controlled by the size and shape of the follicle, its an age and race issue …[/blockquote]

Define Your Hair Texture. Do you have curly hair, fine hair or straight hair?

The texture of your hair is controlled by the size and shape of the follicle.

This is a genetic trait and is controlled by hormones related to your age and racial characteristics.

Having curly, wavy or straight hair depends on a couple of things;

1. The shape as it leaves the follicle.

2. The distribution of keratin producing cells at the root.

Hair Shaft Structure & Your Hair TextureViewing a cross-section of hair reveals, straight hair tends to be round, wavy hair tends to be oval and Curly hair tends to be kidney-shaped.

Straight hair is formed by roots that have the same number of keratin cells distibuted all round the follicle.

Curly hair is formed by an uneven distribution of cells, with more cells on one side than the other at differing times of growth. The change in cell growth causes curly hair to grow in one direction and then another.

You hair texture is also reflected in its color.

Natural blondes have finer hair than brunettes and redheads tend have the thickest hair.

Straight Hair TextureThick Straight Hair Texture …

If your hair texture is thick and straight, your hair can be made sleeker if you make sure you always blow-dry downwards. This will encourage the cuticles to lie flat and they’ll reflect more light.

To achieve a fuller bouncy hairstyle …

If your natural tresses fall flat and lifeless, then a little bit of texture and control may be exactly what you need. A good texturizer can give your hair more pizazz and sparkle and you’ll never have to be left flat again.

Fine Hair Texture

Fine Hair Texture …

Fine hair has the smallest diameter and tends to feel thin, light and even fragile. It lies flat against your scalp.

Fine hair needs to be expertly cut to maximize the volume. Use gel-spray and blow dry to give lift.

Choose a good quality cut that enhances your hairs natural texture. If you don’t have a personal stylist, always ask your stylist for a cut that gives the illusion of body and volume.

Curly Hair Texture

Curly Hair Texture …

If your hair texture is naturally curly it needs intensive moisturizing treatments to keep the spring in the curl. Texturizing can make wavy or curly hair more manageable

If you have this type of hair texture always use a wide-toothed comb, never a brush as a brush will make your hair frizz. A less is more approach is best for curly hair textures.

Leave-in conditioners are best as they help to give curl separation. To revitalize your curls, mist with water and scrunch with your hands.

Normal Hair TextureSmooth Normal Hair Texture …

Normal hair has a smooth texture and it can look shinier and softer than other hair textures.

Normal hair responds well to regular brushing, smoothing and polishing.

Ethnic Differences in Your Hair Texture.

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  • Scandinavians normally have thin, straight, baby-fine hair and mid europeans hair that is neither too fine nor too coarse.
  • Indians have coarse textured tresses while middle eastern populations have strong hair. In general the further east you go the coarser the hair becomes.
  • Chinese and Japanese have very straight hair while Latin speaking and North African peoples have very frizzy and thick hair.

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