Your Hair and Healthy Hair Care

[blockquote]Your Hair is your crowning glory. So, how do you naturally shine and condition your rich glossy crowning glory. Do you have healthy hair and how should you treat your hair …[/blockquote]

Your Hair … Wonderful healthy hair

Your hair may not be exactly what you think it is. You see it mainly consists of a protein called keratin.

The remainder is made up of moisture and the trace metals and minerals found in the rest of your body

The section of healthy hair, that you can see, and brush, is called the shaft and is composed of dead hair tissue.

The only living part of your hair is the root or Dermal Papilla which lies below the surface in a tube-like depression known as the follicle.

The dermal papilla is made up of living cells and is fed by your bloodstream.

Hair Structure and Condition …

Your Hair - Spilt Ends and Tangles

Each individual hair consists of three separate layers and is made up of …
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  • The outer layer or cuticle, is healthy hairs protective shield and has tiny overlapping scales, like the tiles on a roof. When these scales lie neat and flat, that’s when your hair looks glossy and feels soft and silky. If the scales are physically or chemically damaged or broken, your crowning glory will be dull and lifeless and will tangle easily.
  • The cortexlies under the cuticle and is made up of the fibre like cells that give your hair its strength and elasticity. The cortex also contains the pigment, melanin, which gives your hair its natural color.
  • At the centre of each hair is the medulla, which consists of the very soft ‘keratin’ cells and space. The function of the ‘medulla’ is not known although some scientists believe that it carries nutrients to the cortex and cuticle. This may explain why healthy hair rapidly reflects changes in your health.

Natural Shine and Condition for Healthy Hair …

Your Hair - needs shampooing to keep it cleanYour hairs natural shine comes from its own natural conditioner, sebum, an oil composed of waxes and fats which contain a natural antiseptic that helps your hair fight infection

Sebum is a lubricant which gives an excellent protective coating to your entire hair shaft. It smooths the cuticle scales and helps your hair retian its natural moisture and elasticity.

The smoother the surface of the cuticle, the more light your hair will reflect and the glossier and healthier it will appear.

Under some circumstance too much sebum can be produced which, will result in greasy hair or if too little sebum is produced you will have dry brittle hair.

There is life in your lively, living, bouncy, healthy hair

Your Hair - Short HairThe living part of your hair is underneath your scalp, the shaft which has grown through the scalp is dead tissue.

Hair goes through three stages of growth …
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  • Anagen Phase – The growing phase
  • Catagen Phase – When growth has stopped but cellular activity continues
  • Telogen Phase – A resting phase when growth stops completely
[/lists] At any one point 93% of your hair is in the Anagen Phase, 1% in the Catagen Phase and 6% in the Telogen Phase.
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  • The Anagen Phase lasts between 2 to 4 years.
  • The Catagen Phase between 15 to 20 days
  • The Telogen Phase for 90 to 120 days.
[/lists] During the Telogen Phase there is no growth or activity and your old hair is eventually pushed out by new growth. The cycle then begins again.

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