More Healthy Fruits & The Best Fruit for Health

The pick of the best healthy fruits and their beneficial effects on your beautiful body

From Apricots to Lemons here are a few more of those really healthy fruits

There’s just so much healthy fruit to choose from, and it’s all so good for you, that we had to split it over two pages.

If you can’t find something here that tempts your taste buds, then Return to Healthy Fruits (1), where you’ll find more healthy fruit ranging from Strawberries to Bananas, to Melon and Blueberries.

Apricots…. lick your lips
Healthy Fruits - Apricots

Rich in – Copper – Calcium – Magnesium – Potassium – Folic acid – Vitamin C – Beta-carotene – Boron – Iron.

A Laxative. A potent antioxidant. A natural sweetener.

Indulgent Poached Apricots. A healthy fruity Apricot mask or delicious as Apricot Jelly.

Dates…. sweet desert fruit.
Healthy Fruits - Dates

Rich in – Calcium – Iron – Beta-carotene – Vitamin B3

Excellent against diarrhoea and dysentry. Good for problems with your respiratory (breathing) system.

Try Date kebabs or Sweet Juicy Medjool Dates on their own.

Prunes…. an acquired taste
Healthy Fruits - Prunes

Rich in – Calcium – Phosphorus – Potassium – Beta-carotene – Iron acid.

Laxative, containing oxalic acid. Beneficial for blood, brain and nerves. Help to lower cholesterol.

The healthiest fruits as pure Prune Juice.Or enjoy in Warm Apple & Prune Crumble.

Papaya…. the jungle fruit
Healthy Fruits - Papaya

Rich in – Calcium – Magnesium – Potassium – Vitamin C – Beta-carotene

Excellent for aiding digestion. Anti-parasitic. Anti-cancer. Soothe intestinal inflammation and gas. General detoxifier.

Try tasty Papaya pie. Make Papaya Canapes and love Mango Papaya Shakes.

Mango…. the fruit of life
Healthy Fruits - Mango

Rich in – High Beta-carotene – Vitamin C.

Beneficial for kidneys. Combat acidity and poor digestion. Good blood cleanser .

Tropical healthy fruits as Mango jelly or in a Mango Papaya Shake or Mango Salsa.

Blackcurrants…. lovely juicy little taste bombs
Healthy Fruits - Blackcurrants

Rich in – Calcium – Magnesium – Potassium – Phosphorus – Beta-carotene – Vitamin C

Tonic and blood cleanser. Relieve diarrhoea.

Indulgent Blackcurrant Pavlova. Healthy fruits in a Blackcurrant fool or wonderful Blackcurrant Jam.

Pineapple…. lovely juicy ugly fruit
Healthy Fruits - Pineapple

Rich in – Calcium – Magnesium – Potassium – Phosphorus – Beta-carotene – Vitamin C.

Contains bromelain, a potent digestive enzyme, that scavenges bacteria and parasites. Very similar to stomach acid. Not kind to tooth enamel.

Healthy fruits in Gammon and Pineapple, as Pineapple Rings or lovely Pineapple Chunks.

Figs … juicy
Healthy Fruits - Figs

Rich in – Calcium – Phosphorus – Potassium – Beta-carotene – Vitamin C.

A laxative. A restorative. Increases vitality. Will move sluggish bowels and clear toxins. One of the best fruit sources of calcium.

Baked Figs or Candied Figs. Figs with Honey & Whisky there’s nothing tastier.

Grapefruit…. ooooh sour
Healthy Fruits - Grapefruit

Rich in -Calcium – Magnesium – Potassium – Vitamin C

Contains salicylic acid, which helps arthritis. Excellent for cardiovascular system. Blood cleansing. Good for allergies and infections of the throat and mouth.

Try Grapefruit for breakfast with no sugar, or Pink Grapefruit Sorbet.

Lemons & Limes…. hmmmmm
Healthy Fruits - Lemon and Lime

Rich in – Potassium – Vitamin C

Astringent. Potent antiseptic. Excellent for colds, coughs and sore throats. Dissolves gallstones. Anti-cancer properties.

Try those gorgeous healthy fruits as lemonade, lemon cheesecake or Lime Dipping Sauce…

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