Anti-Aging Protein Boost – Try Our Purple Tofu Smoothie

Try our Purple Tofu Smoothie recipe, Its the perfect anti-aging protein boost with a good ratio of protein to carbohydrates and fats …

Your Wonderful Anti-Aging Protein Boost …

This tasty Purple Tofu Smoothie provides a great anti-aging protein boost with a good ratio of protein to carbohydrates and fats.

BlueberriesBlueberries are abundant in flavanoids. Well known for their artery and blood-cleansing properties.

BananasBananas are a rich source of potassium and magnesium both of which are important for regular heart function. .

Sunflower SeedsSunflower seeds contain essential fatty acids to protect the artery membranes, reduce accumulating cholesterol and are a good source of fibre.

TofuTofu has phyto-oestrogenic properties that regulate any excess circulating oestrogens, which may play a part in the build-up of arterial plaque.

Ingredients … You will need for your protein boost

  • 2 medium bananas
  • 200gms blueberries
  • 400gms of tofu
  • 1½ litres rice or oat milk
  • 3 tbs of sunflower seeds

Preparation and Cooking

Blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth and then serve in tall glasses.

Any left-overs from your breakfast protein boost can be kept in the fridge to drink throughout the day. Store any excess for later by covering tightly and refrigerating.

Why is Protein a Good Anti-Aging Booster?

When your body has a constant supply of good quality protein, it has a steady and even flow of essential sugars to your blood stream. The protein can nourish and satisfy the individual requirements of the cells of a healthy brain and a healthy body.

This steady but slow release of glucose into your blood stream is a good thing. It helps your body feel satisfied and energized. And it keeps your brain alert.

From an anti-aging standpoint, eating protein also causes little or no rise in your body’s insulin levels. Again this is a good thing, as elevated insulin levels are the number one cause of accelerated aging.

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