Short Hairstyles. Cut Close, Crop, Bob or Layer

[blockquote]Cut Close, Crop or Layered and popular since the flappers of the 1920s, short hairstyles are both fun and versatile.[/blockquote]

Short Hairstyles – Cut Close, Crop, Bob or Layer?

Good short hairstyles should emphasize your best attributes, such as your eye and hair colors, skin tones, body and your face shape

The right short hairstyle fits your personality and your lifestyle. It creates a sense of balance between your head, face, body and the unique person that is you.

Women with short hairstyles are often regarded as more confident, outgoing and fun than those with longer locks.

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  • For a sleek bob, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of product buildup. Then, blow-dry using the tiniest bit of shine glaze to curb frizz. Finish by running a flat iron through the front sections only. You want sleeker in front and a little fuller in back.
  • A cropped pixie cut for curly textures looks chic, but you should use hair products that add a lot of moisture and shine to keep your hair from puffing up.
[/lists] Even though your hair is short, use a rich conditioner.
Run a cocktail of styling cream and gel through damp hair. If you can stand it, let your hair air-dry.
Otherwise, use a small round brush to smooth out the very front sections, then blow-dry, brush-free, on a very low setting.

Medium textured short hairstyles …

Short hairstyles - Medium textured Cut medium textured hair into face framing layers. Apply mousse from the roots to the ends, then blow-dry forwards and use your fingers to rake through the hair from the back to the front.Short Medium textured hairstyle

Or … Cut medium textured hair into layers of the same length. Blow dry using a strong-hold mousse to add lift and finish with a mist of firm-hold hairspray.

Short Thick Hairstyles…

Short Hairstyle - Medium textured hairFeather cut thick hair into layers of slightly longer length at the nape of the neck.

Highlight then blow-dry into shape with a styling brush.

For a slightly different look comb the hair down over the ears.

A Strong Short Layered Bob…

Short Hairstyles - Medium textured hairBlow dry a strong layered bob straight back from the face using a round brush to give height and a soft curl.

Finish with a few drops of serum to add gloss.

The Short Urchin Cut Style …

Short Hairstyles - Urchin cutThe short urchin cut hairstyle is good for all short hair types.

Highlights enhance interest and add thickness to fine hair.

Styling Short Fine Hair …

Short hairstyles - layer fine hairLayer fine hair softly, apply mousse and ruffle dry with your fingers to add a little lift at the roots.

For a different look, the same cut can be blow-dried forwards using a styling brush.

Natures Hair Conditioner …

Natures best conditioner is in your kitchen cupboard; OLIVE OIL.

Whether your hair is brittle, dry, damaged by chemicals, (tinted, permed or streaked) or over-exposed to the sun, go to the kitchen and get the olive oil.
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  • Apply Warm or Cold
  • Pour a little into the palm of your hand
  • Palm lightly over your hair
  • Repeat until all your hair is covered
  • Brush or comb the oil in thoroughly
  • Wrap your hair in a clean scarf or towel
  • Leave to soak for half an hour
  • Rinse out the oil then shampoo as normal
[/lists] A simple treatment that will leave your short hairstyles with excellent shape and texture.

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