Build a Healthy Heart. Supporting Your Cardiovascular System

Keep Your Heart Healthy – A healthy heart is the driving force of your cardiovascular system, it pumps blood around your body through an intricate series of veins and arteries. Keep your heart healthy at all costs

Your Heart is the heart of YOU. Keep it healthy

Healthy Heart - a gift worth looking after
It isn’t just about love hearts, your heart is the powerhouse that powers you.

Essentially, your heart is a powerful muscle which requires nutrients of its own to carry out its job. Your blood acts as a carrier, delivering fresh oxygen (and nutrients) to all the tissues, muscles and cells throughout your body.

Branching off the larger vessels of your heart are tiny blood capillaries that diffuse oxygen into your cells and remove waste products.

Your blood takes the waste products and disposes of them through the kidneys, liver and lungs.

Back in the lungs, your blood is refreshed with oxygen and the cycle takes place all over again.

Your veins and arteries that service your heart have different functions. Arteries transport newly oxygenated blood away from your heart; veins transport deoxygenated blood towards your heart.

Top fruits & vegetables to keep your heart healthy

Eat fruit, consume vegetables, build a healthy heart

Healthy Food for Your Healthy HeartDark-red fruits and berries contain proanthocyanadins – compounds that are known to support the structure of the minute capillaries and larger blood vessels throughout your body. Read more about Healthy Fruits
Healthy Food for Your Healthy HeartOily fish contains the omega-3 group of essential fats that are thought to reduce the build-up of cholesterol plaques in the arteries and maintain general healthy heart function. Read about Best Protein Sources
Healthy Food for Your Healthy HeartWhole grains provide the fibre needed to remove excess cholesterol from your digestive tract.
OatsOats are high in fibre and have a mild laxative effect. They stimulate digestive function and have antioxidant properties. Oats are excellent for bones and connective tissue and are rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, vitamin B5, folic acid and silicon. Read about the best nuts and seeds
Your hard-working heart pumps around 17,600 pints (10,000 litres) of blood around your body every day; and research shows that your heart is capable of recovering from damage.

  • Heart Disease In the United States accounts for more than one million deaths every year
  • Heart Disease In the UK, is the 2nd biggest killer, accounting for nearly 170,000 deaths each year.

Approximately one in three men and one in four women die from heart disease related illness. Yet, most heart problems can be avoided or improved significantly through diet.

Your lymphatic system is also very important in helping keep your heart healthy

A Healthy Lymphatic System benefits a Healthy HeartIt’s all one way valves and drainage channels.

Your lymphatic system is actually part of your immune system, filtering potentially harmful substances and detoxifying them.

The lymph passes through lymph glands, which are large collecting areas that trap circulating bacteria and viruses and prevent them from running riot throughout your body … Read more about your lymphatic system.

Keep your heart healthy and you will benefit from increased energy levels and the ability to live a full and active life. Ignore the health of your heart and you will pay a heavy price.