Care for Your Skin. Build Beautiful Healthy Skin

Your Skin Is Seven percent of YOU… It is the largest organ in your body and it is vital in maintaining your good health.

Caring for your skin is an essential beauty routine

Your Skin - Healthy Skin Glows
When your healthy, beautiful skin glows, it radiates wellness. It broadcasts to the world… I AM HEALTHY… I AM BEAUTIFUL.

Your skin is a layer cake, it has an epidermis (icing), a dermis (marzipan) and a subcutaneous layer (chocolate sponge).

It makes up 4kg of your body weight, it is 2 square metres of warm, waterproof duvet.

Your skin is fat and blood cells and nerve fibres and fibrous cellsand is 2cms thick on your bum and paper thin on your eyelids

Your skin is on permanent display while it works, and it works hard.

  • It protects your vital organs from harm.
  • It stops chemicals, infections, sunlight and ultra violet light.
  • It helps you stay cool in the heat and warm in the cold.
  • It senses and warns you of harmful events.

All this exposure and all this work makes your skin age. Sunlight ages it, smoking, alcohol and drugs age it.

Bare Skin - Healthy Skin Glows
Smiling, laughing and frowning age it. Gravity ages it. And that’s just life …. So, feed your skin, because it needs love and care and attention.

Your skin loves a hug, it loves to be stroked and kneaded and stretched and pulled and while it is on permanent display it wants to look its best. YOU want it to look its best.

So, use our ten top tips and love the skin you’re in.

You? Your skin is soft and warm and glowing.

  • 1. Always use pH-balanced soap. Skin is slightly acidic which helps it to repel bacteria and pollution. Most soaps are alkaline and will neutralize your skins acidity, reducing its resistance to infection and damage.
  • 2. Oils and creams penetrate your skin and the average woman absorbs 2 kilos of ingredients from them every year. So; make sure you opt for organic skin products every time.
  • 3. Exfoliate regularly for a cleaner, fresher look.
  • 4. Sleep on your back to reduce wrinkles on your face and chest.
  • 5. Always apply moisturizers to slightly damp skin to increase their penetration and hydrating effects.
  • 6. Reduce sun damage by applying Calendula cream. This reduces inflammation and nourishes your skin.
  • 7. Avoid synthetic fabrics. They prevent your skin breathing properly, so your body retains toxins.
  • 8. Boost your circulation by using a body brush regularly. Your circulation becomes less efficient with age, which means less oxygen and fewer nutrients getting to cells. This leads to cold hands and feet, leg ulcers and memory loss.
  • 9. Improve circulation to your head with a regular head massage. The health of your hair depends on your circulation getting oxygen and nutrients to your scalp. Men, and women, lose hair on top of their head, where blood flow is reduced, when normal blood flow to the sides keeps hair in good condition.
  • 10. Your liver detoxifies your body. Look after it, if it can’t do its job properly and effectively this can contribute to making your skin look old, prematurely.